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Decoration Line

Age: 55
Dress Size: 10
Reason For Shoot:

Decoration Line
See Some Images From My Shoot

At 50 I hated the way I looked and felt, so I dieted to lose a couple of stone and then joined a gym and got into weight training. As I reached 55 I was in a good place where I was the most body confident I had ever been. My lovely brother in law suggested I celebrate my new self by having a nude photo shoot, and to do this as a surprise for my husband. I liked the idea, but like other good ideas (that tattoo to celebrate my 50th?) I might never have got round to it.  So to give me the nudge I needed he did some research and found Mighty Aphrodite, and here we are!

Keeping the shoot secret was tricky, but also added something to the excitement. I took the train to Reading with no underwear on, with high heels and glamorous lingerie in my briefcase, while my other half thought I was on my way to a business meeting.

So many reviews on this site stress how welcoming Leigh and Zena are, and how they put you at your ease. It’s completely true! I was full of trepidation as I stood at their front door, but they just made the whole process so comfortable and easy.

We did some lingerie shots first, and I felt a bit self-conscious holding some unaccustomed poses, but Leigh showed me how they looked on screen and his and Zena’s enthusiasm soon helped me to relax. When Leigh gently asked if I was ready to take off my bra, it was no problem at all, and the pants soon followed.  After a while, I honestly forgot that I was naked and just focused on holding the poses – quite a workout. I couldn’t have done some of the more exposed shots at the start, but by the end I had complete trust in Leigh, and some of the more intimate images are among my favourites.

What I love about many of the shots is the sense of strength that they convey. My body is far from perfect, but Leigh made the most of my good points and made me feel fantastic. He could have edited out all my blemishes but I wanted to be real and I wanted to be me, so the editing was kept subtle.

Did I do this for me, or for my husband? Well it was truly for both of us. I love my photos and will enjoy looking at them for years to come. I’ve also loved the reactions I’ve had from the friends who have seen them. But my husband was completely blown away by the surprise and the two of us have had lots of fun while selecting which of the proofs to buy and put on the wall.  If you are tempted to have a shoot, I’d say go for it. Every stage, from the anticipation, to the shoot itself, to the selection of the images and sharing the results, has been just brilliant, affirming and exciting. And it’s done amazing things for our relationship - worth every penny!

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